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Cakes & Cookies for ANY and ALL Occasions!



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The Classic Pound Cake is truly a tradition. Made with the finest and freshest of ingredients, you can't go wrong with this delightful treat. Order one for any occasion: a birthday, an annversary, or just when you need to indulge in some cake therapy!

Click HERE to read about the history of the Pound Cake!

All Fresh Ingredients

Nothing but the best ingredients: flour, whole milk, butter, eggs, and sugar!

We can make some substitutions, too. One Cake Wonder can use gluten free flour and oat milk for equally delicious cakes!

Order Today

All cakes are $40 (plus shipping and handling.) Order one (or two) today.

Baked fresh to order. Shipped frozen to maintain their freshness. Order YOUR One Cake Wonder today.



Our Baker

John Cottrell is just a foodie who enjoys baking cakes in his home kitchen. Friends would rave about his cakes and said he should sell them. So, he set up shop and have been baking and selling pound cakes since 2012. John can deliver cakes to you personally if you're local....or....ship them frozen. They'll arrive completely thawed and ready to eat!

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